Saturday, December 13, 2008

Afraid to Ask for the Referral!

Sometimes, there area people who know me and know my profession, is that enough for a referral connection? NO!!! it is very important to specifically ask for a business referral or just plain mention "I could use the work." Not that blunt, but we get the idea. Some friends chose not to "Bother me." Keep in mind many people in our society do not have to market themselves. They cannot imagine what it is like to always be looking for their next assignment or chance to earn a living; usually they have a boss or business system that tells them what to do next.

Can we just utter "Let me know if I can help you?" That is better than nothing. I guess another phrase that might help is "Remember your Favorite Certified Appraiser in Missouri." I want to assist you with that, works for many professions related to Real Estate. One can send out a letter to people you casually know every so often with your business information. Whether you know them socially or from a business dealing, you would be suprised how positive that can be.
Just ask your friends and acquaintences for the job.

I perform conventional & FHA Appraisals in Missouri and Illinois. I am surprised when a friend or acquaintance tells me they just bought a home or refinanced their home. I sometimes ask "Did you mention me to your Mortgage Professional?" Well I did not ask for the work, it does not matter that I had no idea the work was there, I did not ask for it. In fairness, the Mortgage Professional selects appraisers, not the mortgagor (borrower.)

When somebody is having litigation or divorce problems, I need to make sure if they need an appraisal to have them mention an appraiser to their attourney.

Life is pretty good here for me as a Real Estate Appraiser in Saint Charles Missouri. I service the entire Saint Louis Metro Area.

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